Hi, I'm Ayako

I am a UX/UI designer using my background in architecture to create thoughtfully planned and beautifully designed digital spaces. Currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Recent work
ZapEV Case Study thumbnail

uX DESIGN | responsive web app

Zap EV Charging Station Finder

A responsive web app to help electric vehicle owners find charging stations near them

Nest Egg Case Study thumbnail

Ux DESIGN | finance

Nest Egg Finance App

A money-saving tool and financial tracking app

GoSend Case Study thumbnail


GoSend Climbing App

An app for outdoor climbers to track their progress, share with friends, and stay stoked.

Other Work
Tranquil Case Study thumbnail

UI DESIGN | animation

Tranquil Meditation App

A mobile app for meditation and mindfulness

VIBES Case Study thumbnail

UI DESIGN | e-commerce

VIBES Clothing App

A mobile app for buying and selling vintage clothes