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Hello again, I'm Ayako

I'm flattered you want to learn more about me!

I am a UX/UI designer using my background in architecture to create thoughtfully planned and beautifully designed digital spaces.

As a former project manager for an interior architecture firm for corporate clients, I coordinated and oversaw interdisciplinary teams on projects from design conception to the end of construction. In UI and UX design, I apply my spatial organization and layout skills to the digital medium, all while thinking of how users move through and interact within the space.

I was drawn to this field for its iterative process and user-centric philosophy of design and production, and I want to apply these skills to design products that help people in a real and tangible way. I am particularly motivated by projects that address sustainability issues or have a social impact.

I am open to full time or freelance work, either in Los Angeles or remotely. Feel free to contact me for networking or collaboration opportunities. Get in touch, and let's chat!

Outside of work...

I'm an avid climber (you can watch some of my videos on my YouTube channel). I'm often busy with crafting projects of all sorts: quilting, woodwork, upholstery, home improvement. You might be able to glean that I like making useful and beautiful things outside of the digital realm as well.

Lately, I've been a devoted auntie to my nephew, who may or may not be the cutest baby in the world. I have now dedicated my architecture modeling skills to making him cardboard forts.

Me in my natural habitat