Graphic Design

Experiments and projects

print & digital branding

TOWN Restaurant

Created print and digital branding items for a luxury Chinese restaurant with high-end clientele. Minimalist layouts showcase hints of traditional Chinese elements. The decorative border acts as a motif between all Designs that tie the brand together.

TOWN Restaurant logo
TOWN Restaurant menu render

LOGO & branding

MOTTO Design

Developed a logo and brand for a design firm and created collage pieces that demonstrate the client's aesthetic: luxury, experimentation, and multi-cultural representation.

MOTTO Design Collage 2
MOTTO Design Collage 1

Illustration & Design

Lizzo Typographical Portrait

I created a typographical portrait of Lizzo using a typeface (Cubano Sharp) that represents her achievements, personality, and primary characteristics. The font's simplicity contributes to its timelessness, but is also bold and wide, reflecting her brash and bold personality. The visual hierarchy emphasizes phrases that represent her infectiously confident and bright energy.

Lizzo Typographical Portrait

Logo & Branding

Upper Crust Bakery

Developed a logo and brand identity for Upper Crust Bakery. The logo has a contemporary look that still exudes a sense of freshness and high quality with a nod to the owner's French background.

Upper Crust Bakery Stationary